It was during my visit to my hometown of Anda in 2012 when my good friend Nestor Bagaipo introduced me to the baseball team. I met the young players, full of youth and energy for getting out there and playing ball. I was inspired, not only by their passion for sports, but by their discipline in learning and working together as a team.

I noticed the team was limited to hand-me-down second rate equipment, such as chipped bats, broken gloves, and inappropriate shoes, if any. After speaking with Nestor, Coach Junie, Mr. Garde, and Mr. Nalla, all individuals invested in the team, I learned that they don’t have the finances to support a team for much longer. They struggle with finding funds for snacks, let alone equipment. 

These kids inspired me, as I personally with my own two sons have seen the changing effect of sports, both physically and mentally. It was at this time I decided to become a sponsor for the team. I have since been collecting and sending equipment over that I have collected from friends, discount sports stores, and from local used-goods stores. I’ve sent over as many bats, gloves, helmets, shoes, protective gear, and uniforms as I could find. 

I also promised the team that I would share this opportunity to my fellow Andahanons and friends around the world to invest in this sports program for our youth back home. 

This is where you can help. Our budget for this year is only $180.00 a month. To meet our budget goals, we need only eighteen $10 or $5 monthly donors. Getting monthly donors will help ensure the stability of our sports program moving forward, as your donations will be going fully towards uniforms, equipment, snacks, shipping cost and travel. If you are interested in becoming a monthly donor, please contact me directly via the "Contact Us" tab. We also greatly appreciate and welcome one-time donors, who can donate via the "How You Can Help" tab above. 

Please support our town’s sports program of over 68 players, with at least 4 teams at each level ready to compete. The program is growing and generating a lot of interest, but with this growth comes growing financial need as well.

Thank you all in advance for your support and consideration.
"It’s amazing what we can do when we do it together."

Dell Deligero