The History of Anda Baseball & Softball Teams

It was in 2008 when Mr. Nestor Bagaipo, the administrative clerk of Anda, organized the very first softball and baseball teams with the help of Mr. Rey Garde and Rolland Nalla. They are all firm believers in the power of youth sports and the impact a sports program can have on the communit.

During Anda’s Foundation Day celebration on March 12, 2008 several baseball teams competed, including the Poblacion,  Bacong, Badiang, Katipunan and the Garde Bros team.  It was during this time when one player, Mr. Junie Atienza, captured the attention of the celebration organizers. The organizers learned then that at one time Mr. Junie Atienza competed in the little league baseball championship representing the Philippines in California. After the event, with the help of Mr. Urbano Bermasor, Head of Anda School District, and the then Mayor Simacio, Mr. Atienza was named the very first school baseball coach/trainer.

Mr. Atienza immediately started training 12 elementary students, and has since been growing the baseball program int he community. His passion and dedication to the baseball program is strong, as he consistently inspires and pushes his team to get better. At the Sub Congressional Meet in Candijay, his Anda baseball team defeated Alicia, Mabini, Guindulman, and the undefeated Candijay.

Mr. Atienza continues to invest his time and passion into the Anda baseball program, and is dedicated to the youth in the community.

“In my wildest dream, I never thought that I will find Anda, Now it is my second home, I love Anda and it’s people”, by Coach Junie Atienza.